8 surprising facts about Cristiano Ronaldo


Every sport has some of its legends, who rise above any circumstances, competition, and other retrogressive factors and someone who holds all the possible records of their game. Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly the legend of football. Check-out all on the https://www.betrallyindia.com/cricket-betting/. Fans of football watch Ronaldo playing will surely enjoy themself. The gang following Ronaldo is huge from all the world, and the fans of him want to know all about their favorite player. Here we will be telling you some of the facts that will surprise all the fans of Cristiano Ronaldo;


  1. The real name of Ronaldo: – The famous name of the football legend is Cristiano Ronaldo, only the half name. It is shocking, but the full name of Ronaldo is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. Some of the fans may know the full name of their favorite player, but what they may not have known is Ronaldo was named after a former US president Ronald Regan. He was his father’s favorite actor, that’s why he named his son after him.


  1. Ronaldo’s birth date and family background: – Ronaldo was born on 5th February 1985 in the family of four members, his father, mother, and elder brother. His father was a gardener, and according to some rumors, Cristiano’s father was a heavy drinker. His mother was working as a cook and cleaner. She was working very hard for the survival of their children and family.


  1. The story behind his nicknames: – Two nicknames referred to Ronaldo, yes, was cry-baby and bee. The reason behind the name cry-baby is hilarious. When he was a child and found things are not going according to him, he started crying all the time. The other children would fight on the pitch, and he used to bring tears in his eyes as his favorite conflict resolution method. The story behind the other name is that he was as quick as a bee at the football ground. It was next to impossible for others to match the speed of Ronaldo when he has football.


  1. Credited his success to his friend: – This story is not only about Ronaldo, but also of one of his friend Albert Fantrau. You might never know about this story. He has credited his success to his friend that dropped down from the football academy. And Ronaldo was taken into the academy at the place of Albert. When Ronaldo asked his friend why he left the academy, then he said because you are a better player than me.


  1. Giving heart personality: – Most of the footballers have inked tattoos on their bodies, but Ronaldo didn’t have any tattooing his body. Just because he is a blood donor and as per red cross guidelines, no one can donate blood at least four months after getting any tattoo on their body. Apart from this, he has donated his bone marrow to his teammate’s son. It proves that he got a beautiful heart.


  1. Workout routine: – Any sports demand a fit body of the player. The legendary player also maintains the proper work out routine to stay healthy for hid game. He follows various work-out routines every day. The surprising fact is that he didn’t do any exercise on Tuesday, that is his rest day. Apart from this, according to a recent report, he does more than 3 thousand abs every day.


  1. Highest paid footballer: – Ronaldo has attained many records on his name that are tough to count. One of his records was he became the highest-paid footballer. Ronaldo was signed by Manchester united and was paid millions. After joining Real Madrid, he earned around $61 million in salary and winnings. Ronaldo has a lifetime contract with Nike worth up to $1 billion.


  1. Museum: – The legendary player has a museum in Funchal dedicated to his life, career, and trophy and awards that he won in his career. Nothingness better than this that a player has its museum to show his success to the whole world.


Hence, above are some unknown and surprising facts about Cristiano. These facts will surprise the fans of this legendary footballer.

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