‘Absurd, ridiculous’: India slams Pakistan over new ‘political map’ claiming Indian territory


India on Tuesday struck out at Pakistan after it revealed a whole new “political map” of Pakistan, showing Jammu and Kashmir, and Junagadh in Gujarat, as Pakistani territory, media organization ANI claimed. The Native indian federal government called the shift a “political absurdity” and claimed that it will neither have ‘legal applicability nor overseas credibility’

“We now have observed a so-named “political map” of Pakistan that has been unveiled by Prime Minister Imran Khan. This is an workout in politics absurdity, laying untenable states to territories from the Indian native Condition of Gujarat and our Union Areas of Jammu Andamp Kashmir as well as Ladakh.” browse the push discharge by Indian native exterior affairs ministry.

We’ve observed a so-referred to as “politics map” of Pakistan which has been released by PM Imran Khan. It is an physical exercise in political absurdity, laying untenable states to territories in the Native indian state of Gujarat and our union areas of Jammu Kashmir and of Ladakh

“These absurd assertions have neither lawful applicability nor international trustworthiness. Actually, this new work only confirms the veracity of Pakistan’s infatuation with territorial aggrandisement backed by go across-edge terrorism,” additional look at the declaration.

The Imran Khan drawer authorized the latest map where the full Jammu and Kashmir, is displayed built-in with Pakistan. The prohibited chart displays J&ampK as “Indian illegally occupied J&ampK — disputed territory — final standing being determined consistent with relevant UNSC resolutions.” And thus cocking a snook in the Govt of India.


“This is basically the most historic day time in Pakistan’s historical past,” he said while dealing with a information convention after chairing the conference of federal government cabinet, which approved the latest chart on Tuesday.

Khan mentioned that Pakistan has introduced a politics road map which displays the whole Kashmir area, including “Indian Illegally Busy Jammu and Kashmir” within his country’s territory.
From the press conference, Khan said: “Today is actually a traditional day we have unveiled a new politics road map of Pakistan that is based on the ambitions of the complete united states plus the folks of Kashmir.”

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