India condemns ‘targeted killing’ of Sikh community fellow member in Pakistan’s Peshawar


India condemns ‘targeted killing’ of Sikh local community member in Pakistan’s Peshawar India on Sunday strongly condemned the “specific eliminating” of any minority Sikh community associate in Pakistan’s Peshawar. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) stated Pakistan should cease “prevaricating” and consider instant action to apprehend and present exemplary consequence for the perpetrators in the crime. “India strongly condemns the specific getting rid of of minority Sikh community member in Peshawar that practices the recent despicable vandalism and desecration of the holy Gurdwara Sri Janam Asthan at Nankana Sahib and also the unresolved case of abduction, compelled conversion and relationship of a Sikh woman Jagjit Kaur,” the MEA said.


It mentioned the federal government of Pakistan should take action in defence of their very own minorities as opposed to “preaching sermons” about this to other nations. India experienced on Friday strongly condemned vandalism on the revered Gurdwara Nankana Sahib in Pakistan and known as upon the neighbouring region to consider immediate steps to guarantee the safety and security in the Sikh community. The Outside Affairs Ministry said members of the minority Sikh community in Pakistan have been subjected to acts of violence on the holy city of Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Professional Nanak Dev.


The MEA said these reprehensible actions implemented the forcible abduction and conversion of any Sikh woman who was kidnapped from her residence within the city of Nankana Sahib in August this past year. Based on press records, a mob attack happened in the shrine in which the Sikhism founder Professional Nanak Dev was created. Reports advised that numerous furious residents at Nankana Sahib pelted the Sikh pilgrims with rocks on Friday.

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