Baby continues breathing without life support despite being declared brain dead


Despite the unprecedented progress in the field of medicine witnessed over past few years, there are some situations where all hope seems to vanish. But every once in a while; there are incidents which revive our belief in miracles.

Doctors gave 15-month-old Kaleb Crook no chance of survival and declared him brain dead due to oxygen deprivation. But they were left astonished when the child continued to breathe on his own and squeezed his mother’s finger even after the life support was switched off.

Despite having complex needs due to the damage to his brain and odds being against him, Caleb is all set to celebrate his first Christmas at home. The parents were told that their baby would have severe damage to the brain as he was deprived of oxygen in the womb.

Three in a thousand babies die or become brain damaged in Britain because of lack of oxygen. end-of

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