Best gig ever: Family needs nanny in Bahamas for Christmas, offers 5-star stay

A banking executive from West London received a staggering 200 responses after advertising for a babysitter to accompany her family on an all-expenses paid holiday to the Bahamas.

She had posted the advert on the babysitting app Bubble.

According to MailOnline, going by the staggering response she has received, it is not surprise that babysitters are falling over each other for the job, that  comes with its own five star beach hut along with access to the in-house hot tub, spa and a private beach- and a ‘healthy pay packet’.

The job requires for the candidate to spending two weeks helping out with the morning and bedtime routines of two toddlers, but does mean spending Christmas away from your family.

However, in return the job, described as covering seven days of the week, promises to give the successful applicant free time during the day, and free evenings from 8:30pm.

With the family’s regular nanny due to be away, childcare responsibilities for her replacement would be caring for two toddlers during peak times, though the job description states that the sitter would be ‘largely left to their own devices’.

Dozens of sitters applied within seconds of the request going out, causing a huge spike to the service on Monday.

Speaking about the response to the advert, Bubble co-founder Ari Last said that the response was off the charts.


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