Bhobishyoter Bhoot makers request hall owners to resume screening

The makers of the film Bhobishyoter Bhoot wrote to the cinema hall owners, on Tuesday, requesting them to resume the screening of the movie at the earliest.
The development comes after the Supreme Court directed the principal secretary of the state home department and the director general of police to write to the cinema halls that there is no ban on screening of the movie.
The order that was issued by the apex court, on Monday, asked the state’s principal secretary, home, and DGP to immediately ‘issue communications to all the theatres where the film was being originally screened, intimating them that there is no ban on the screening of the film, and that the state shall, in compliance with the order passed by this Court on 15 March 2019, take necessary steps for protecting the properties of the theatre owners and the safety of the members of the public who wish to view the film.’
The court also directed that the Joint Commissioner of Police should forthwith withdraw the ban order that was earlier addressed by him to the producer of the film on 11 February 2019.
The court’s order has brought added relief for the filmmakers who have been waiting for the film’s screening since the apex court order to resume Bhobishyoter Bhoot in theatres of the city earlier this month. The team not only communicated the court’s order to the theatre owners but also requested them to resume the film screening at the earliest.
“We have received a response from one of the cinema hall owners who have claimed that they are looking into the matter while the others are yet to respond,” informed one of the producers of the film.
Notably, Billy Chatterjee, the producer of the movie, in a press statement on Monday, said that if the screening of the film is not resumed, the team will demand an explanation from the owners of three giant multiplex chains in the city.

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