Can cow urine or cowdung cure deadly coronavirus?


Coronavirus outbreak: Can cow urine be taken as being a therapy? At a time when coronavirus infection has professed more than 400 lifestyles in The far east, doctors around the globe are struggling to find a heal towards the fatal malware. Asia has reported greater than 2,800 new situations of coronavirus before twenty four hours. Not only in China, individuals infected with Coronavirus are now being counted from other countries also and today, all nations are making endeavours to evacuate their people from the most impacted elements of Asia. Moreso, the World Health  Organisation has said the amount of cases could keep expanding because tests are pending on thousands of suspected cases. As on February3 and 2020, India reported three verified situations of coronavirus from Kerala, where wellness minister verified the sufferers experienced sent back from China’s Wuhan.

While Chinese researchers say they have got a lot more proof that this new virus that recently appeared in The far east probably came from in bats, Hindu Mahasabha head Swami Chakrapani Maharaj has professed coronavirus can be cured by cow urine or cowdung.  “Ingesting cow urine and cow dung will stop the effect of contagious coronavirus,” he got mentioned. But, can coronavirus really be healed through cow urine or cowdung? Here’s what Swami Chakrapani Maharaj mentioned after i contacted him.”Cow urine is a organic cure to several ailments, be it cancer or some other deadly illness. The urine of any cow includes natural ingredients and the ones work as a medication/medication to cure disease.” When inquired how cow urine needs to be consumed by those infected with coronavirus, Swami Chakrapani Maharaj stated urine or dung of only Indian cows ought to be employed for treatment.

Moreover, the cow you have confidence in for coronavirus treatment must not be eating trash through the road. Commenting more, Swami Chakrapani Maharaj said cow urine or cowdung had even turned out to be beneficial during Bhopal gas tragedy, as houses that had cowdung caught on wall surfaces were those which stayed unaffected from the gas disaster. “Difficulties such as migraine or depressive disorders can be treated through cow urine/cowdung,” Chakrapani Maharaj stated. “People ingest non-vegetarian food and here is where the problem starts, it is the source of all ailments and unfavorable vitality,” he said.

“With regards to coronavirus, sufferers should consume cow urine and chant Shiva mantras. In other cases, individuals can use cowdung on the brain or full body, as it an organic cure,” Chakrapani Maharaj mentioned. On the other hand, Asia has launched a whole new hospital, which has been integrated 10 days wherein the land-infused money into tumbling financial markets and further restricted people’s movement in sweeping new steps Monday to have a rapidly distributing virus as well as its escalating impact. Even Japan has turned down the entrance of eight foreigners who got frequented Hubei province in the previous 14 days and nights.

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