Congress plenary session: Former PM Manmohan Singh slams NDA on Kashmir


Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday alleged that the Narendra Modi government mismanaged the situation in Jammu and Kashmir “like never before”.

Speaking at the Congress’ 84th plenary session, being held in New Delhi, Mammohan Singh said that the situation in the Valley was worsening by the day.

“The Modi government has mismanaged issues in Jammu and Kashmir like never before. They have installed a government where the two wings of the administration are working against each other. The atmosphere is deteriorating,” he said asserting that the country must recognise the “problems in Jammu and Kashmir” to ensure that these problems are “tackled and sorted.”

“The atmosphere is deteriorating day in and day out, it’s obvious from the fact that our borders are insecure, be it cross border terror or internal,” he added.

Taking up several issues in hand, senior Congress leader Singh launched a sharp attack on the BJP-led NDA government.

“The BJP government made tall promises. PM Modi himself said that his government will double farmers’ income. For that, a growth rate of 12 per cent per annum is necessary which is unthinkable in the current scenario,” Singh said.

“BJP-led government messed up Indian economy… He (Modi) said we will provide 2 crore jobs, we have not seen even 2 lakh jobs… It is a jumla-type statement unlikely to be achieved,” he added.

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