‘Crackdown on students is assault on Constitution’: Priyanka leads Congress’ protest at India Entrance


Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who guided the party’s ‘symbolic protest’ at India Entrance against the crackdown at pupils in Jamia Millia Islami College, stated that amended Citizenship Respond is up against the contitution of India and the Congress will fight against Modi govt which is switching ‘dictatorial’. She also claimed that the crackdown on pupils at Jamia was an “attack on India’s spirit”.

“Government has offered a blow for the Constitution. It’s an attack on the soul from the nation, youngsters will be the spirit from the country. It’s their directly to protest. I’m a mother too. You put into their collection, dragged them out and thrashed them up. This is tyranny,” she said.
Priyanka also assaulted the BJP-guided NDA authorities within the Unnao Rape case and inquired why the Perfect Minister is silent when party’s MLA raped a girl. She additional said that PM Modi should should solution on what occurred at the Jamia on Sunday night time.
“Prime Minister should respond to on what happened in the College last night, whoever government beat the pupils? He should talk around the sinking overall economy. His party MLA raped a woman, why hasn’t he spoken on it? ,” she said.

Priyanka on Monday directed the Congress’ protest on the India Gate against the crackdown on pupils in Jamia on Sunday night time. Along with Priyanka, Congress leader Ahmed Patel, Basic Secretary KC Venugopal and AK Antony can also be at the sit-in protest. The Congress frontrunners have been keeping “Quit assaults on younger individuals” placards during the protests.

Earlier on Monday, she experienced claimed that the BJP was accountable for the physical violence in Jamia and alleged that the federal government has assaulted the Constitution and the pupils.

“The federal government has assaulted the Constitution and also the students. They attacked individuals after getting into the college.

Up to 60 individuals have been wounded inside a clash between protesters and Delhi Police on Sunday night time. Law enforcement professed that the protesters converted violent and torched four DTC coaches. Delhi Law enforcement officials PRO MS Randhawa experienced claimed that a area of the mob experienced transformed violent and began pelting rocks around the law enforcement officials as well as at houses because of which police had been forced to turn to baton demand and firing rip gas shells.

The protesters, however, claimed that they were keeping peaceful protests and blamed law enforcement for that assault that erupted final evening. The students at Jamia have been protesting the amended Citizenship Act which seeks to grant Indian citizenship to refugees from Buddhist, Hindu, Parsi, Christian and Sikh areas fleeing religious persecution from Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Bangladesh and who joined India on or before December 31, 2014.

The Citizenship (Amendment) Expenses was passed on from Parliament earlier this week and became an Act with President Ram Nath Kovind offering his assent with it on November 12.

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