Google Pixel Buds now available in more countries

Google fans can now rejoice as Google Pixel Bud which was exclusively released for the USA market have now been made available for more countries. Google has decided to make the Pixel Buds available for other countries as well. The Google Pixel Buds would now be available for sale at Google Store and will be available in Australia, United Kingdom and Germany.

Pixel Buds are not just a pair of wireless earphones, they are a lot more than that. The earphones have touch-sensitive controls that operate via gestures. Tapping the right bud plays or pauses the music, swiping back and forth on the right bud increases and decreases the volume whereas a long press brings up Google Assistant. It also allows users to receive and place calls. Pixel Buds come in a case which also charges the earphones much like the Apple AirPods. The device survives for five hours on a single charge whereas the case has enough juice to power up the device four times.

To use the translation feature a user would need to give a command to Google Assistant to help them speak a certain language. Users can then speak in English and Google translates the speech to the preferred language. The output can be heard out loud from the speakers of smartphones with which the Pixel Bud is connected to. Similarly, the speech in preferred language is translated into English and users can listen to it through earphones.

The Pixel Bud will be available at a price of 249 AUD in Australia which is roughly equal to INR 12,591.24. The Google Pixel Bud will be available for £159 in the UK which is roughly equal to Rs. 14,154.80 and at € 179.00 in Germany which is approximately Rs 14,181.46.

Google also has recently started rolling out new update for the Pixel 2 devices in India. The new update which started rolling out from the beginning of February allows a user to toggle the camera shutter sound from the camera app’s setting menu.

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