In assault to Hong Kong’s autonomy, China passes controversial security law


In a relocate seen as an assault on Hong Kong‘s autonomy, Chinese suppliers on Tuesday passed the controversial National Security Rules, which criminalises any work of secession, subversion, terrorism or collusion with foreign pushes.

In accordance with the Chinese government’s mouthpiece Worldwide Instances, “China’s leading legislature voted unanimously to successfully pass Nationwide Security Rules for Hong Kong.”

Hong Kong activists think the latest rules threatens the identity of the autonomous area. They say the nationwide stability regulation will snatch away Hong Kong’s judicial independence and its exclusive independence.

Hong Kong was under British handle until 1997 when The far east was provided control over the area but with an exclusive deal. As per the agreement, unlike mainland China, Hong Kong will receive many freedoms.

Nevertheless, once the the latest pro-democracy protests over another debatable bill, mainland The far east introduced the protection rules to suppress related protests.


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