India gets to out to new Sri Lanka Leader, Rajapaksa to go to New Delhi on Nov 29


Recently-elected Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa will go to India on November 29 on the invite of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Outside Matters Minister S Jaishankar said on Tuesday.

Jaishankar produced the announcement after conference Rajapaksa, who had been sworn in since the country’s new Leader on Monday.

“A cozy meeting with Sri Lanka Leader @GotabayaR. Communicated PM @narendramodi’s information of the collaboration for distributedpeacefulness and progress, success & protection. Confident that under his leadership, #IndiaSriLanka relations would get to better altitudes,” he tweeted following the meeting which emerged hrs after Leader Rajapaksa presumed the workplace on Tuesday.

Jaishankar, who arrived in Colombo over a two-day time unannounced visit, said President Rajapaksa has approved Perfect Minister Modi’s invite to see India on November 29.
Rajapaksa stormed to triumph in Sri Lanka’s presidential elections, the results of which emerged on Sunday.

PM Modi telephoned Rajapaksa on Weekend to congratulate him on his electoral succeed and asked him to go to India as his first recognized foreign excursion.

The Lankan head thanked the perfect minister for his excellent wishes and conveyed his readiness to do business with India very closely to make sure development and protection, the Excellent Minister’s Workplace said.

Conveying the best wishes on the part of the folks of India as well as on his own behalf, PM Modi indicated assurance that underneath the capable leadership of Rajapaksa, the people of Sri Lanka will progress further around the path of peacefulness and wealth.

Rajapaksa is definitely the younger brother of the former leader Mahinda Rajapaksa. He was a colonel within the Sri Lankan Army before departing it to migrate towards the US in 1992. He was until then inside the battlefield against the LTTE in the northern.

He returned to Sri Lanka when older brother Mahinda was known as the presidential candidate in 2005. Together with his brother’s victory he was employed towards the highly effective placement of Secretary to the Protection Ministry.

He is attributed with helping finish the island nation’s long civil war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) during his tenure because the defence secretary. In 2006, he survived an assassination try carried out by the LTTE with minor injuries.

In accordance with observers, with pro-The far east Rajapaksa succeeding the selection, the effect may have a bearing on India’s existence within the Indian Ocean location where Beijing is increasingly making inroads.

Asia, that has acquired Sri Lanka’s Hambantota dock in 2017 as being a personal debt swap, has been ramping up its ties using the island nation and broadened its naval appearance inside the Indian Seas with the established logistics base in Djibouti.

Beijing in July gifted a warship to Sri Lanka, inside a growing symbol of its deepening military services collaboration with the strategically situated tropical island land inside the Indian Sea.


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