Indian Navy prohibits personnel from using mobile phones, social networking at its installation


The Indian Navy’s decision to ban the usage of Facebook or twitter for its officers and sailors is in accordance with its initiatives towards ensuring the security of data, Navy options stated on Monday while removing that the directives on the usage of social media and smartphones for Navy personnel “have existed prior to”.

“Most recent orders are in accordance with guaranteeing the security of knowledge. Suspending of Fb for officers and sailors of Indian Navy is in the very same facial lines,” the resources mentioned.

The goes arrive following the Navy busted a racket where seven of its employees were identified seeping hypersensitive details through social networking systems, such as Fb, on December 20.
Three sailors have been arrested from strategically crucial Eastern Naval Order, Visakhapatnam, 3 through the American Naval Control, a single from the Karwar naval bottom of Karnataka.
Before, the Army has cautioned its officers against 150 phony social media user profiles that are being used by adversaries for bee honey-capturing in order to extract delicate info.&nbspAn advisory regarding this was sent to Army personnel last month to create its employees aware of the “snare”.

Additionally, it mentioned bogus social media marketing user profiles have already been attempting to engage with the Army employees for extracting info by pretending to be fellow Army officers, law enforcement officials employees or perhaps posing as ladies.
Last month, Rajasthan Police’s intelligence unit arrested an Army jawan, who had been bee honey-trapped by a real estate agent of Pakistan’s ISI, for allegedly discussing private and ideal info. He was specific through Facebook or twitter and WhatsApp, they stated.

Earlier this coming year, an additional jawan from the Indian Army was sweetie-stuck through social media. Last year, a Group Captain from the Indian Air flow Pressure as well as an engineer dealing with Brahmos Aerospace Pvt Ltd were also sweetie-trapped through social networking.


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