iPod, FM fm radio, home-produced non-veg foods: Delhi gangster Neeraj Bawana’s listing of requirements to ‘maintain sanity’ in Tihar Jail


Neeraj Bawana, who had been Delhi’s most desired gangster until his arrest in April 2015, has sent a list of needs for the Superintendent of Tihar Jail, which he claims are necessary for him to “pass time as well as keep sanity” in the prison.

The demands include an iPod, a FM fm radio and home-made foods, if possible non-vegetarian, according to a Hindustan Occasions document.

The document more offered a jail established stating that the gangster continues to be communicated that these kinds of products had been banned within the jail.

Bawana has additionally been advised that he can pay attention to music through the prison’s in-house fm radio service, that is operate from the inmates of Tihar Jail.

Unlike thousands of other prisoners who share barracks inside the Tihar Jail, Bawana and 2 other prisoners — underworld wear Chhota Rajan and gangster-converted-politician Mohammad Shahabuddin — happen to be lodged in independent tissues.

Neeraj Bawana, a scary criminal involved in more than 40 instances of murder and attempt to murder and extortion, was arrested in April 2015.

27-year-old Bawana, whoever real label is Neeraj Sehrawat, was a “ghostly shape” for law enforcement officials as neither he nor those around him used cellphones in order to avoid tracking. He utilized Internet-based communication program and camouflaged his area.

Bawana was arrested many times previously, which includes in 2012 when he got demanded Rs 50 lakh from Satinder, the then MLA from Narela constituency. He got jumped parole in 2013. Bawana had become an enigma for police as he was providing them with a slip though around 35 of his gang members were captured.

Bawana stated the best spot of Delhi’s underworld after his friend-transformed foe Neetu Daboda, the then reigning don of Delhi, was killed inside an encounter by Delhi Police on October 26, 2013. He jumped parole after Daboda’s dying.

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