Jamia Physical violence: No bullets fired by Delhi Law enforcement at protersters, statements Home Ministry


Two times following the violence at Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islami University during protests from the Citizenship Take action, the house Ministry officers on Tuesday said that no bullet was fired by law enforcement officials through the clashes.

The denial came amid allegations that Delhi Police personnel fired bullets on protesters during the agitation at JMI. Reports stated that two pupils continual bullet accidents and were confessed to Safdarjung Medical center.

The authorities also claimed that 10 persons with criminal background have been detained in exposure to the protests and a lot more anti-interpersonal components are monitored.
CAA Protests: 15 with criminal background arrested in Jamia violence, no university student one of them

“No bullet was fired through the Delhi Police during protests at Jamia.All 10 persons detained have criminal background. Much more anti-interpersonal components are now being monitored,” the officers stated, citing a Delhi Law enforcement record.

Several vehicles, such as vehicles, have been burnt down and general public properties ruined during the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, which had been approved by Parliament the other day.

On Monday, 1000s of individuals across a number of colleges of the country took to roadways against the law enforcement crackdown with governmental celebrations also making their voices listened to.

According to the Respond, people in Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Parsi and Jain communities who may have result from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh till December 31, facing and 2014 spiritual persecution there will not be treated as against the law immigrants but provided Indian citizenship.

The Respond says refugees of six areas will be given Indian citizenship after residing in India for five-years, as opposed to 11 many years previously.

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