January 26: Say Happy Republic Day with top SMS, Whatsapp Messages

Inspiring quotes, thought-provoking messages invoking the ever-present-yet-sometimes-dormant patriotic sentiments among the citizens of the great nation – social networking sites and messengers like WhatsApp have no dearth of it all for the Republic Day. From highlighting the achievements of our country and its citizens, to remembering the freedom fighters, one can find every morsel of patriotic sentiments expressed on the messenger.

Routine messages are scorned upon and viewed as lack of sentimental display on the part of the sender. One just cannot get away with lazy forward of the messages which move from inbox to inbox, but find no readers.

One has to be very careful in sending out these forwards as it increases the risk of being termed as a spammer and becoming the laughing stock among friends. However, selecting that perfect message can be exhausting and tiresome, because not all of us possess the gift of the gab and are entirely dependent upon those brilliant minds whose illuminated and inspiring words have the power to invoke real emotions.

Hence, it is always a good idea to give your message a personal touch by adding the recipients’ name at the beginning of the message and it would make the reader feel as a privileged recipient of a specialised message.

Here are some messages to kinder the patriotic spirit:

· As the nation celebrates Republic Day and let us all forget our differences and come together as one nation and one spirit. Happy Republic Day!

· This Republic Day let us take a pledge to respect humanity and avoid animosity.

· 66 years have gone by and it is high time to take concrete steps towards growth, peace and harmony. Make a new beginning this Republic Day!

· Let us all come together and work towards making India a nation that breathes and dreams of a nation without any differences.

· Let&’s make Swachh Bharat Abhiyan a part of life and strive for greener and cleaner India.

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