JK Rowling confirms Harry Potter fan theory about Hermione’s name


Author JK Rowling has finally confirmed a Harry Potter fan theory about Hermione Granger.

Most people who have read the books spent the first three manuscripts struggling to pronounce her unusual name right.

Back then, the films had not releases and no one knew how to pronounce her name, apart from those who had access to Stephen Fry’s audio books.

However, all that changed in the Goblet of Fire, aka the fourth instalment, when Hermione encountered the handsome but dim Viktor Krum.

In one particularly awkward scene, Hermione has to teach Krum how to say her name properly – spelling it out slowly as ‘Her-my-oh-nee’.

She was correcting Krum because he kept saying ‘Hermy-own’.

Harry Potter fans have speculated that the scene was inserted deliberately by the author, because so many readers were also saying ‘Hermy-own’.

Recently, lawyer Atulaa tweeted: “Theory: @jk_rowling included that passage on how to pronounce Hermione’s name in Goblet of Fire just to school all of us who were saying HER-MY-OWN like Viktor Krum.”

JK Rowling confirmed the rumour, replying: “Theory correct”, and fans were delighted – with J.K’s tweet racking up more than 16,000 likes and re-tweets.

Dozens of fans have also ‘fessed up to saying ‘Her-me-own’ or even ‘Her-moyn’, as well as joking: “the biggest plot twist of my childhood was learning that it wasn’t pronounced that way”. end-of

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