Keep those lashes in check!

It is often said  that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Therefore, it is important that every part of your eye be carefully groomed. Whether it be brows, lids, lashes or even the undereye areas, attention must be paid to each of these facets.

1. Natural lashes and lash enhancements need to be maintained on a daily basis. For beautiful, natural lashes, daily cleansing  and removal of mascara and any eye make up is imperative.
2. Brushing your lashes twice a day with a clean, mascara-free wand helps stimulate growth and promote healthy lashes.
3. Castor oil and olive oil protect, condition, and lengthen eyelashes and can easily be brushed on to your lashes with the help of a clean, mascara-free wand. Eating healthy is another vital contributing factor – try and eat fruits and vegetables that are high in Vitamin D, C, and E.
4. Mascara is great when you want that fresh and bold look when your going out,  but its also very important to take a break from mascara once in a while to help your natural lashes breathe. Lastly, careful with the lash curler – pressing too hard can often result in loss of lashes from the root.

–The writer is a beauty enterpreneur. end-of

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