LG Chem will supply the battery packs for the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus


In accordance with industry resources cited through the Elec, LG Chem is mass-producing the batteries for that upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus. The production takes place at LG Chem’s Nanjing plant in Asia. Together with Samsung SDI, it is in command of the first quantity. This is actually the first time that LG Chem is in command of the first delivery for the Galaxy S range and also the 2nd time Samsung utilizes LG Chem’s battery packs following the Galaxy Notice 10. CATL which provided battery packs for that Galaxy S9 was excluded as a provider for that higher-end series and is also employed for Galaxy A and Galaxy M collection. Other brand names such as ATL, BYD and Elantec and Almouth will also be utilized for the middle-variety and low-conclusion Samsung cell phones.

The battery capability from the Samsung Galaxy S11 Additionally is 5000 mAh. The increase in energy is because of the reduction in how big the battery security circuit by 57Percent. The packaging and battery protection circuits are dealt with by Haitian Semiconductor which assembles them in Vietnam. ITEM Semiconductor is making POC (Protection One Nick) and PMP (Safety Unit Package deal) collectively. The PMP employed by Haitian Semiconductor for Galaxy S11 Additionally is an built-in kind of safety IC, transitioning device (MOSFET), and imprinted circuit board (PCB).

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