Malabar Style Ney Pathiri Recipe (Fried Masala Rice Puri)


Malabar Style Ney Pathiri Formula (Fried Masala Rice Puri)

A crispy fried egg cell made from rice flour and flavoured with onion and cumin seeds.


Malabar Design Ney Pathiri Formula (Fried Masala Rice Puri) is a dish that is manufactured out of pathiri which is actually a bread that is certainly well-liked in Kerala. Pathiri is produced making use of rice flour and it is then prepared on a griddle. Nevertheless in this formula, the pathiri is deep fried in essential oil thus the title “Ney Pathiri” by which “ney” signifies “oil”. The earth onion and cumin seeds are added to the rice flour money and after that rolled to make puris. The menu makes use of rice flour but you may use soaked rice as well and then soil to smooth powder to create the pathiri.
Assist the Malabar Design Ney Pathiri Menu (Fried Masala Rice Puri) along with Kurma, Kerala Style Egg Roast Curry to make it an entire food.
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Dishes: Malabar

Training course: Side Recipe

Diet plan: Vegetarian

Equipments Used:

Kadai (Wok) / Hefty Bottomed Pan

Prep in 15 M

Cooks in 35 M

Overall in 50 M

Can make: 4 Servings


1 1/2 cup Rice flour

Salt , to taste

Cooking food oil , for frying the pathiris

To Grind

1 Onion , chopped

1 teaspoon Cumin plant seeds (Jeera)

4 tablespoons Fresh coconut

Steps to make Malabar Style Ney Pathiri Recipe (Fried Masala Rice Puri)

To start creating the Malabar Style Ney Pathiri Recipe, we are going to initially grind the chopped onion, cumin seeds and coconut to your coarse paste and set apart.Have a sauce pan, include rice flour, salt to preference, floor onion paste and add about 1/2 cup of drinking water and mix well till you can find no lumps.Keep the rice mixture on medium sized temperature while keeping stirring up until the rice is prepared plus it comes collectively.When the money has thickened to form a money. You can turn off the heat and go ahead and take dough out and spread it on the plate to cool down.Temperature a kadai with essential oil to fry the puris. Remove a tiny golf ball of dough and roll it smooth not too thin.Flatten it and roll it again to about 1 centimeter thickness. Fry the puri when the essential oil becomes warm.Continue to keep flipping it over and fry it to ensure that it evenly get browned for both the side. Take the puri out and tension it over a napkin. Do the rest for your remaining components.Assist the Malabar Design Ney Pathiri Menu (Fried Masala Rice Puri) along with Kurma, Kerala Type Egg cell Roast Curry to make it a full dinner.


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