Modi’s ‘Jan Dhan Loot Yojana’: Rahul trolls PM for string of banking frauds

New Delhi: Hitting out at the NDA government at the Centre over reports of a new fraud by a Delhi-based jewellery brand, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday described the recent spate of financial frauds as the PM’s “Jan Dhan Loot Yojana”.

“Under Modi Ji’s “Jan Dhan Loot Yojana”, another scam! 390 Cr., involving a Delhi based jeweller. Same Modus operandi as Nirav Modi. Fake LOU’s. Predictably, like Mallya and Nirav, this promoter too has disappeared while the Govt looked the other way. #ModiRobsIndia,” tweeted Congress chief.

He claimed that the Rs 390-crore fraud took place in the same manner like the previous scams by the use of fake letters of undertaking and added that probably the accused in this case too has fled the country.

Congress chief’s comment comes after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed a case against Karol Bagh-based Dwarka Das Seth International Pvt Ltd for alleged bank loan fraud to the tune of Rs 389.85 crore towards the Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC).

The central agency has booked the company’s directors – Sabhya Seth, Reeta Seth, Krishna Kumar Singh, Ravi Singh – and another firm named Dwarka Das Seth SEZ Incorporation in connection with the alleged fraud.

The company had availed various credit facilities from OBC between 2007-12, which swelled to Rs 389 crore during the period. The bank complaint alleged that the company used LoCs to pay off other creditors against the purchase of gold and other precious stones and transfer gold and funds outside the country using fictitious transactions.

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