Narendra Modi in silent mode, RSS issues diktats

As the BJP tried to pull itself out of the gloom brought by Tuesday’s drubbing in Delhi at the hands of the Aam Aadmi Party, Prime Minister Modi continued to be in virtual silent mode, having practically disappeared from social networking sites. 

Several BJP leaders and Union ministers were clueless on how Mr Modi would react to the Delhi mandate that he himself had made a prestige issue. Among the ministers known to be close to the Prime Minister and those who were fielded in the aggressive anti-Arvind Kejriwal campaign during the last fortnight, the refrain has been the polls were not a referendum on the Prime Minister. Amid this atmosphere of gloom in the BJP camp, the RSS has reportedly sent a brief wishlist to the BJP leadership.

It includes a “virtual ban on the lateral entry of leaders” into the party. RSS sources have said that in the just held Delhi polls, where the BJP was decimated to a mere 3 seats, its foot-soldiers remained in inertia in many constituencies. BJP CM-candidate Kiran Bedi’s defeat in the BJP bastion Krishna Nagar, which the saffron party has been winning since 1993, is clearly seen as a case of “internal sabotage”.

The veto on “import” or lateral entry of leaders into the BJP only confirms the speculation that the RSS and BJP rank and file were not happy with the manner in which the Modi-Amit Shah-Arun Jaitley trio brought in Kiran Bedi and went on to project her as the chief ministerial candidate. 

“The performance of the Modi government never got focused. The reforms and changes as promised by BJP in 2014 polls were never met,” said a BJP source close to the RSS. The RSS wishlist to the Modi-Amit Shah duo would also include “regular consultation” with the Sangh Parivar, sources said. Also, that the Modi regime both at the political and governmental levels would henceforth “work at collective decision-making”. The RSS and many senior BJP leaders are of the view that the Prime Minister making it a prestige contest with Arvind Kejriwal was unwarranted. 

BJP ally Shiv Sena and Congress hurled fresh barbs at Modi over its humiliating poll debacle in Delhi with the Sena saying the entire Assembly poll campaign was run in his name and virtually demanded he accept the blame.
Adding insult to BJP’s injury after its decimation yesterday, the Sena also said the “broom-wielding” AAP reduced the party to “dirt”.

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