Onions retailing at Rs 100-120 per kg in MP’s Bhopal


Onions retailing at Rs 100-120 per kg in MP’s Bhopal Onion rates continued to rise in Madhya Pradesh, with all the kitchen staple retailing at Rs 100-120 per kilogram in money Bhopal. Prices have been consistently above Rs 70 per  kilogram across the state during the last 30 days. “Retailers are selling onions at Rs 120 per kg. We have been buying it at Rs 110 per kg from retailers. This is a new crop. The rates of dry onion (aged crop) are even greater, so stores are certainly not marketing it. This is happening because of brief supply,” professed veggie supplier Rashid Qureshi in Bittan Marketplace on Weekend. Vendor Hemant Advani said, “Viewing the brief source on the market, there would not a drop in prices for at least another fortnight.”


However, a area established mentioned efforts had been becoming designed to decrease onion prices, and those include putting together five kiosks to market them at Rs 70 per kg to individuals. “Two quintal onions had been offered from all of these government operate kiosks on Saturday,” the official stated.

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