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For those looking to spruce up their wardrobe collection and turn a drab outfit into a stylish one, investing in outerwear is the way to go. Most often women lack sufficient time to pretty up for a daily work-day or a casual outing, but that is no reason to be any less stylish or trendy than with time on hand. It is in these moments that outerwear come to the rescue, throw a jacket, duster or a coat on and it instantly gives you a fresh look.

“Layering is key in making your outfits fun and it can turn your plain outfits into interesting ones,” says Pavithra Rajanukunte fashion designer and sylist. Adding to this Shaila Shree MN, stylist, states that overcoats help in layering, a great way to define ones structure. It also is a way to use the clothes you have to it’s fullest capacity, never seeming like it is the same outfit worn over and over again.

There are many outerwear options available and some taking the fashion industry by storm, says Shaila. With so many options available it is important to know which one to pick, for what occasion and to compliment your body type.

Duster Coats
A staple for any girl, the duster adds sophistication, yet being casual and non pretentious at the same time. They are light weight and cover your arms and midsection. Layering a solid coloured duster with a pastel shaded shirt or T-shirt within and on pencil fit pants. The outfit looks great for a meeting or a work-day. One can also wear the it in the evening by jazzing up the accessories, opines Shaila. However, she suggests being mindful of the fabric and the colours.

“Do not over do it, and make sure to maintain a balance, if the coat is long, wear a short t-shirt or shirt on the inside. If the coat is loose, let your top worn on the inside be figure defining. This will give you structure, if the balance isn’t created and everything is loose and ill-fitting, you would look like a rag,” she adds.

For those who love the boho-chic look, Pavithra suggests throwing on a kimono. “They are super easy to styled and gives you an effortless elegance. Try a cool printed kimono with skinny jeans along with sandals or pump shoes. Layer them on denim shorts paired with ankle boots. They are super fun and comfortable to wear and are perfect for a day out with your girlfriends,” says Pavithra. You can also dress it up with heels.

Chiffon and floral kimonos are the best for a sunny day. Shaila suggests going for a lace kimono which is readily available online or in the store. The fabric of your outerwear she opines is the most important to look for among other things. It adds a certain mood to the outfit, a delicate fabric can give you an elegant and royal look. “Though kimonos are beautiful to wear and they feel great when on, make sure that they are worn with pants that are well fitting, since the coat itself is loose and flowy, wearing a loose pant will make the you look bulky and the entire outfit would be unsightly,” she states.

Fur coats give you a regal look.

Fur Coats
A lover of fur coats, Shaila calls them a ‘must-have’. It gives you a royal look, she asserts. The beauty of a fur coat is that it can be paired with a midi, a one piece or a pair of jeans. The jacket if waist length and most often is, would be an essential in your wardrobe collection.

Throwing light on the weather and its usage, SankeshRanka, Director Harper Seven Shirts states that though fur coats are beautiful to wear on a cold evening, or a late night party, they cannot be worn over and over again. It is high maintenance and does not suit the Indian weather. But there is no harm in having one elegant piece to turn to, he says.

Leather Jackets
A classic piece that most women do not own in India, says Sankesh. There is a wrong perception that only bikers wear leather jackets. They are timeless and can be worn for ages, even passed on to the next generation, yet it would look as stylish as ever.

“A leather jacket is a great investment and can be worn through the day. Autumn and winter are the best seasons to get them out of your wardrobe. They can be styled with a t-shirt or button down shirt along with your denims. Pair them along with leather/pleather pants for a complete edgy look,” says Pavithra.

Fringe Jackets
Fringe overcoats are creating a roar Internationally and can be seen on runways with celebrities sporting them. It can be seen in shoes, bags, tops and jackets too. Tassels are a retro trend that have made a come back, seen in the 20s and 30s as the rock n’ roll trend, the style is now adorning the wardrobes of stars, social media influencers, stylists and so many others who have fallen for it’s casual, yet chic look.

“As the name suggests, the jacket has layers of fringes and is about waist or hip length. Since the jacket divides your body, it can be teamed with both skirts and pants to create a fun out-going look. You can also style it to look fierce and edgy depending on how long and how much of fringes you opt for,” says Shaila.

Men and women opt for hoodies, a daily wear option that Sankesh personally finds apt for the Bengaluru weather. “An athleisure piece that can be styled a you please. What is now doing the rounds is short or cropped hoodies that do not serve the purpose of keeping you warm, if that is what makes you pick a hoodie on a cold morning, but it certainly makes a style statement,” she states.

Pavithra suggests, layering it with a shirt and pairing it with denims and a sneaker, to give you comfort and style while simultaneously keeping you warm.

Outerwear is a one stop fashion saviour and one that requires little to no effort in wearing and teaming with other pieces of clothing. Shaila however, states that layering can go wrong if you do not keep your body shape in mind. While that may seem to be a problem, there is an easy solution to it that would work not just in layering but in styling an garment. Maintain a balance, she reiterates. “Combine a loose fitted outerwear with a structured inner piece, bold colours with muted colours and heavy fabrics with lighter ones. Play with textures and fabrics and experiment with outfits to create a novel ensembles,” she advises. end-of

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