Pak International Minister goes berserk when motivated to label 58 countries backing them on Kashmir problem


New Delhi | Jagran News Workdesk:  After crying bad in-front the entire world alleging human being privileges violation in Kashmir and to support them in rearing voice against New Delhi’s decision to revoke the content 370 from Kashmir, concluding its short-term specific position, Pakistan was left stunned when every region at the recently concluded UN General Set up located in New York, guaranteed India and agreed upon on its stage that Kashmir is an integral part of India and was never a bilateral problem.

Showing its disappointment following the unsuccessful make an effort to internationalise the Kashmir issue in the UNGA, Pakistan International Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, blasted out on a Pakistani journalist who requested him to mention those 58 countries who Pakistan Perfect Minister Imran Khan got commended for backing Islamabad on its stance at the United Nations Human Legal rights Commission.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi was observed shouting in a speak display on Pakistan Television station Communicate-Information. Throughout the job interview, the journalist Javed Chaudhary inquired him to name those 58 places which Imran Khan experienced commended within his tweet on 12 September, as Qureshi had repeatedly endorsed Imran Khan’s declaration every from time to time.

Right after the journalist requested him the issue, the minister was spooked and started shouting on reside job interview asking the journalist, ‘whose agenda he is functioning on’, and repeatedly asking him to exhibit the tweet which Qureshi got shared endorsing Imran Khan’s assertion.
He is visible declaring, “On whose agenda have you been operating? ” Qureshi snapped at speak present hold. “Will you inform me or choose which places have or have not reinforced Pakistan on the UN? … You might create whatever you want! ”

Following the journalist again pressed him for endorsing the Pak PM’s assertion on his own Twitter account, Qureshi mentioned, “No! No! Display me the tweet I actually have created, not what Prime Minister Khan has written. You might have stated my tweet… show that for me. I want my tweet.”

Even though the journalist demonstrated him his tweet defying Qureshi’s claim, it spooked him a lot more and that he said that he identified nothing wrong within his tweet and said, “I stand by what I have said. What is so shocking in this particular….whoever agenda are you currently following? ”

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