PaMu Scroll 5.0 review: Comfortable, lightweight, waterproof

PaMu Scroll 5.0 is here and the Bluetooth earphone brand has packed the new product with a number of upgrades. The PaMu Scroll 5.0 headset comes with an ‘intuitive touch control with microphone’ feature that allows you an almost hands-free experience as you don’t have to even touch your smartphone to play/pause music or receive/disconnect calls.
Before buying any Bluetooth headset, we usually research for features, look, sound quality, and price. PaMu Scroll wireless 5.0 ticks all the boxes. Take a look at the features and specifications.
Connectivity: Once you take out the wireless Bluetooth headset from the leather case, it will automatically get connected with your mobile Bluetooth. You just need to pair the device once.
Look and feel: Padmate’s new PaMu Scroll wireless headset comes in a suave packing — which is actually a smart cylindrical case-cum-charging unit — and surly grabs attention.
The earbuds are quite lightweight and fit comfortably in the ear.
Music & Sound: PaMu sound quality is decently loud and clear. The earbuds are touch-sensitive and can play, pause and receive or decline phone calls with just a tap. The Left also allows you to fast-forward through tracks.
Phone calls: One can receive or disconnect a call using the PaMu headset with a touch on the Left or the Right earbud.
Battery: The company claims a playtime of 3.5 hours.
Charging: There are four blue lights on the right side of the leather case of the headset — each representing 25% charging. Once the device is fully charged, all four lights will turn on. The charging port is on the left side of the cover.
And you don’t need to set the headset for charging as the magnetic edge automatically fits in the ports. Once you place the headset either on the left placement or the right, it will automatically take its charging position.
A red LED shows the product is set properly and is charging.
PaMu Scroll Editions: Rock n Roll, Graphene, Glory Edition, Sakura
Top Features
– A double tap on the touch earpad can active Siri for iPhone users
– Waterproof
– Extra bass
– Compatible with both Android and iOS
– Auto-connects with mobile phone
– Portable Charging Pod
Price: The PaMu Scroll will be available at a price tag of Rs 5500 (approx.) in India, and this seems to be a good option if someone is looking for wireless Bluetooth headsets in this budget.

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