Ravi Kumar from Himachal writes to Chief executive, wants to function as the hangman of Nirbhaya circumstance convicts


Ravi Kumar, who hails from Shimla in Himachal Pradesh has written to President Ram Nath Kovind to appoint him as the temporary executioner in Delhi’s Tihar jail in the absence of executioner at the prison. In a letter, he wrote, “Appoint me executioner so ‘Nirbhaya’ case convicts get hanged as soon as possible and her soul rests in peace”.

The only official executioner Pawan has said that the convict should not be delayed. “You just can’t stop the cases like Nirbhaya and Hyderabad veterinarian gang rape and murder by doing nothing,” IANS quoted him as saying. He also asked for the speedy conviction of the Hyderabad case and added that only then such gruesome crimes will stop and fear will be instilled on them.

Pawan, who is currently based in Meerut, added that if the government had hanged the Nirbhaya case convicts then the Hyderabad case might not have happened. He questioned their stay at the jail and asked the criminals to convicted as soon as possible to set an example and stop such crimes.

Pawan said that he is living on a wage of Rs 5,000 per month that he receives from the Uttar Pradesh government from Meerut Jail. “Earlier we didn’t get much money for executing the hanging, but now we get ₹25,000 per hanging. Though it is difficult to survive at such a meager amount, I feel happy that I ended the life of evil,” he added.

Meanwhile, a  Delhi Jail Director Sandeep Goyal has said that there is nothing to worry about as during such a situation everything will be managed. Speaking to IANS he said, “It is true that there is no authorized trained person (executioner) in the Tihar jail or Mandoli Jail who can perform the duty of hanging. Still, there is nothing to worry about. When such a situation will come (Nirbhaya’s criminals will get the death-warrant to hang them), then everything will be managed. We will call one from some other state.”

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