Supriya Pathak – Cinema is a major part of people’s lives


Supriya Pathak, who has worked in all the mediums of storytelling, believes nothing can beat the cinema experience.
Pathak says web is the strongest medium currently as it has the ability to reach out to more people and engage viewers with interesting and layered stories.
“When TV came, it was a very strong medium. It reached out to so many people and it could have made difference but we got into mundaneness of it. I think it will not hopefully happen to this new medium. It has lot of scope.
“I hope we keep the momentum alive and keep it going strong. We as actors can help. In cinema, there are budget constraints and on TV, it has become a sad situation, so this medium has opened up new doors. We have been given opportunity to tell interesting stories,” Pathak told PTI.
The 57-year-old actor, however, does not believe that digital medium “can overtake cinema”.
“Cinema might have it’s share of ups and downs, it can’t go. It is a very major part of everybody’s life. It is a process like going to cinema halls, watching films on the big screen.”
She currently features in “Tigers”, a story of a small-time Pakistani salesman, (Emraan Hashmi) who gets recruited by multi-national to sell baby formula, that only rich can afford. He discovers that the baby formula has killed several children, after which he begins a lone and dangerous battle against the company.
Pathak portrays the mother of Hashmi’s character and she says she found the story quite relevant and interesting.
“The issues that are being tackled in the film is something we all believe in and try and hopefully make people aware of it.”
“Tigers” is currently streaming on ZEE5.

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