Tamil Nadu: Pregnant woman carried for 6 km on towel cradle, gives delivery in ambulance


Within an appalling event which throws lighting on the deplorable problem of facilities in countryside India, a 22-calendar year-old lady was carried inside a fabric cradle to medical center in Tamil Nadu’s Erode area.

Based on information agency ANI, the lady was taken inside the fabric cradle for 6 km because the ambulance could not get to her property in Erode city’s Bargur village due to absence of appropriate roadways, reasons mentioned through the government bodies.

The town was witnessing huge rain fall within the last three days. No ambulance support could make it to the villagers because the method street from your Bargur-Anthiyur main path to Sundaipur community was damaged.

The woman’s spouse, through the help of villagers, trudged her around the cradle for nearly six kilometres towards the main highway, in which they found the ambulance.

On the best way to Thamraikarai Major Overall health Middle, the woman endured labour discomfort which had been joined by her mom-in-law and she provided an infant child in the ambulance. Afterwards, the woman and also the infant were taken to the PHC.

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