The new Uber cool option

The private taxi service now allows the riders to rate the trip mid-ride and also leave their comments.

Whenever you are late to the office, or needed a late night trip to some place, many might have had instances of private taxi service Uber coming to their rescue. To express gratitude towards the driver for taking to the destination safely, one might have used the rating facility many times. But there must also have been instances where one, on reaching the destination, forgets to rate the ride and even end up rating the previous ride, perhaps a disappointing one, with a five star in a hurry to book a new one. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, as part of his revamp process, has announced a new facility in the app to address that issue.

The company will now have an option in their mobile app for the passenger to rate the trip and leave comments mid-ride. “You’ve got places to go and things to do, and we never want to miss an opportunity to listen and improve,” the company says in a blog post. According to Peter Deng, the company’s head of rider’s experience, every day 15 million people take a ride on Uber and capturing incrementally more and better feedback will help them make the service better and recognise top quality drivers.

However, one of the hidden aspects of these facilities is that the company is generating huge profits without even hiring supervisors to manage the large pool of untrained contract drivers. The riders too are given unconditional power to rate the drivers by being ‘ruthless’ in downrating the driver for even a small mistake.

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