The Office of Reparations Bill introduced for debate in Sri lanka’s Parliament

In Sri Lanka, a bill to set up the Office for Reparations was introduced for debate in Parliament on Wednesday.  The Bill provides for the provision of individual and collective reparations for aggrieved persons who have suffered violations of human rights or humanitarian law.  It is mainly aimed to address the war grievances during the LTTE conflict in North and the East, as well as  to cover any political unrest or civil disturbance.  It is part of a four –pillar mechanism coopted by Sri Lankan government with UNHCR for addressing war crimes.  Office of missing persons has already been set up as part of the resolution.  The reparations Bill facilitates any monetary payment or material benefit to an aggrieved person, micro-finance and concessionary loans, educational programmes, training and skills development programmes, measures of restitution, including the provision of land and housing and other appropriate measures identified by the Office for Reparations.

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