Trai issues draft suggestions about network testing norms for wireline services


Based on the draft tips, a telecom service provider should be able to enrol examination members in the demo stage to handle the network screening before commercial launch of their solutions.Telecom regulator Trai on Tuesday released draft recommendations on ‘network testing before business launch of wireline services’ because it mooted a 90-day restrict in the check period regarding demo customers in these cases. The Telecom Regulatory Power of India (Trai) has sought stakeholders’ views on the draft suggestions which can be modelled in the outlines much like norms that it got previously recommended in the case of mobile phone solutions.“Most in the problems brought up through the appointment process for your norms for network screening before commercial release for cellular solutions, are equally appropriate for wireline access professional services.


“However, as per the reference obtained from your Section of Telecom (DoT), this consultation document on draft suggestions is issued to solicit the views in the stakeholders for specifying the norms of system tests before business start of professional services for wireline entry solutions,” Trai stated.In accordance with the draft suggestions, a telecom provider should be able to enrol examination subscribers within the demo period to undertake the community screening before business launch of their professional services. “The authority advises that there must be no limitation on the time-restrict, in the event the community testing is performed using wireline telephone check contacts given to employees and business partners for check goal only,” it mentioned.The amount of examination subscribers that can be enrolled by an owner in a group needs to be confined to 5 percent of the installed community ability for your location. “The provider will distribute the detailed capability computations of the network to DoT and Trai a minimum of 15 times before commencing enrolment of examination customers,” it extra. The draft suggestions also claimed that there must be a limit of 90 days in the check phase concerning check members.


“However, if the TSP falls flat to conclude system screening due to good good reasons, it could create a counsel for the licensor, seeking additional time for community screening providing detailed justification, which might be made the decision through the licensor on the case-to-circumstance foundation. The requisite norms to get followed for extension of timeline for network tests may be formulated through the licensor,” Trai stated.The duration for community tests provided to the operator must not exceed 180 days, according to the draft. Trai has said that written remarks on its most recent assessment papers should be sent in by January30 and 2020, and counter-comments by February 13, 2020.

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