UFO enthusiast claims to spot Alien Warrior Figure on Mars, says aliens far ahead in technology than humans


The presence of aliens have always intrigued people. And, not merely aliens but also the statements that they are far in front of people with regards to their modern technology have time and again been produced by different reports worldwide. Scientists and lovers keep the discussion full of life by springing up one or maybe the other theory.

It’s Taiwan based self-proclaimed UFO skilled, Scott C Waring, apparently known for analysing NASA pictures and Google charts, that has made a shocking discovery through the help of images from Mars recently authored by NASA, as outlined by Sputnik Reports. Waring has reportedly reported that one of several pictures revealed is nothing less than a warrior-like body carved into the planet’s hillside.

“I discovered this body within a hillside on Mars from the most recent NASA rover photo right now. The figure might be female or male, since often in the world the traditional warrior upper body armour of fighters often posseses an increased upper body place so they are look much more muscular in fight and place anxiety into the enemy,” Waring published within his blog ET Data base on 19 June.


The subject seen on Martian area appears to be a long, cylindrical metallic object and based on Waring, the evident product is not merely proof superior aliens, but it additionally shows that the modern technology of aliens was significantly designed than ours.
“I came across a medieval artifact on Mars nowadays within a Gigapan photograph. The image demonstrates a physical object laying on top of Mars that closely is similar to todays contemporary jet engines. The item is old, dented and contains a layer of airborne dirt and dust onto it, but it really still stands out clearly through the other objects in the region. This proof is resistant that aliens on Mars did have motors much more superior than our. Motors capable of not using cables or pipes, but employing small tech built into the items framework,” Waring composed on his blog ET Data bank.

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