‘Was fired up but couldn’t see Sunlight because of clouds’: PM Modi tweets


 Several parts of the country, such as Odisha, Kerala, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Delhi, are witnessing a solar eclipse, which can be believed to the final one of many decade. The annular solar eclipse started at about 8 am on Thursday early morning. The December 26 solar energy eclipse is what is known as an ‘annular solar power eclipse’.

Here are the Latest Upgrades of the Solar energy Eclipse:
10: 55 am:  What is Engagement ring of Fireplace:  A solar power eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Planet as well as the Sun, thus totally or partly obscuring the Sun for any viewer on the planet. An annular solar power eclipse occurs if the moon’s obvious diameter is more compact than that of the Sun’s and prevents a lot of the Sun’s light. This causes the Sun to look like a engagement ring (annulus) of fireplace.

10: 50 am:  Watch the ‘Ring of Fire” or annulus round the Moon produced by the annular solar power eclipse. This is the last solar energy eclipse in the 10 years.

Observe the ‘Ring of Fire” or annulus round the Moon created by the annular solar power eclipse.This is the final solar power eclipse in the 10 years.#solareclipse2019

10: 35 am:  PM Narendra Modi&nbspon Thursday early morning said he could not begin to see the solar eclipse as a result of cloud deal with, but trapped glimpses on reside flow.
“Like many Indians, I used to be enthusiastic about #solareclipse2019. Unfortunately, I could not see the Sunlight as a result of cloud include however i performed capture glimpses in the eclipse in Kozhikode as well as other elements on stay supply. Also enriched my knowledge about the subject by interacting with experts”: PM Modi Tweeted.

Like many Indians, I had been enthusiastic about #solareclipse2019. Unfortunately, I was able to not see the Sunlight due to cloud cover but I performed capture glimpses of the eclipse in Kozhikode along with other elements on reside stream. Also enriched my understanding on the subject by interacting with professionals.

10: 20 am:  In Noida, individuals acquired a glimpse of the solar power eclipse. Sunlight looked similar to this during the solar power eclipse in Noida from 9: 35 to 9: 40 in the morning.

10: 10 am:  While the eclipse takes spot you ought to sit down in one place, chant the label of God and sing devotional tunes. You ought to see a waterless fast as the actual eclipse is at development.

10: 05 am:  The partial stage in the eclipse will start at 8 am, will finish at 1.36 pm and the annular stage will start at 9 am and can finish at 12.29 pm.

10: 00 am:  Besides India, the eclipse is going to be obvious in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia Northern Mariana Island destinations, and Guam. The next solar power eclipse will take place in June the coming year.

9: 45 am:  An annular solar power eclipse takes place when a New Moon is farthest from the Earth and forms a ring-like construction of light surrounding the Moon.

9: 30 am: The eclipse noticeable in Dubai will make a complete engagement ring of fireplace as noticeable inside the photo. Apart from Dubai the Solar power Eclipse will be obvious in Saudi Arabia and Riyadh.

Solar power eclipse observed in Dubai.

9: 10 am: In the beginning, the&nbspSolar eclipse witnessed in Dubai was a partial one particular.

Solar eclipse seen in Dubai. #SolarEclipse pic.twitter.com/8x99OqAr5w — ANI (@ANI)
December 26, 2019

9: 00 am: In Tamil Nadu’s Chennai, the Annular Solar power Eclipse started out covering the Sunlight partly.

Tamil Nadu: Solar energy eclipse seen in Chennai

8: 45 am: In Gujarat also Solar eclipse witnessed in Ahmedabad. The Moon in Ahmedabad covers sunlight in part.

Gujarat: Solar power eclipse seen in Ahmedabad.

8: 30 am: In Kerala’s Kochi,&nbspSolar eclipse starts, where eclipse is partly noticeable. The eclipse will take care of 93 per cent from the Sunshine to make a ring.&nbsp

Kerala: Solar power eclipse commences latest graphics from Kochi.

8: 17 am: The Solar power Eclipse starts to show up in India. Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar witnesses partial Solar power Eclipse.

Odisha: Solar energy eclipse begins latest visuals from Bhubaneswar.

8: 10 am:  The unusual sensation from the annular solar power eclipse is additionally called the Engagement ring of Fireplace.&nbsp

8: 00 am:  The annular solar eclipse, which is also the very last eclipse of the decade will begin at 8: 17 am.

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