With fast-track procedures, India to acquire six more Poseidon-8I aircrafts, Predator-B armed drones from US


India released a “letter of request” for six far more Boeing Poseidon-8I aircrafts from your Usa, inside a authorities-to-authorities deal pricing as much as USD 1.8 billion. At the same time, the Indian area has fast monitored the procurement process of six Predator-B armed drones.

The Navy is using P-8I patrol aircraft for surveillance quests in Arabian Sea and all over the Indian Beach. Recently, through the flare ups with The far east in Ladakh, the security aircrafts have been also reportedly put in use within the tensed sectors.

Indian navy obtained the very first four P-8I patrol airplanes carrying out a $2.1 Billion package approved in January 2009. The subsequent four aircrafts are scheduled to get provided from  December onwards, within the wake of your package worth $1.1 Billion approved in July 2016.


In accordance with a Days of India report, america will likely send out the note of recognition in response to Indian government’s ask for, as soon as it has got the expected endorsement through the US Congress, subsequent in which the contract could possibly be authorized the new year.
The statement states that the six new P-9I aircrafts should come equipped with COMCASA-protected products, a securely innovative one compared to the pre-existing security devices.


Concerning “an emergency procurement” of six Predator-B drones through the US, the necessity is put forward inside the wake of currently continuing flare ups online of Real management over the 3,488-km very long trajectory, especially in the eastern Ladakh.

The Predator-B drones will reportedly result in a remarkable turnaround in India’s features to discourage the offence, across the Line of Genuine Manage, with all of thanks credit score with their terrain control stations, kick off and rehabilitation aspects, oxygen-to-ground missiles, that have already been received from the Indian side.

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