‘Your task is not really to problems us’: Delhi-Bhopal air travel passengers slam Pragya Thakur in warmed discussion, online video will go viral


An argument broke between BJP MP Pragya Thakur along with other individuals on board over the allotment of any chair throughout a Spicejet flight from Delhi to Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh). A video has emerged from the incident, passengers can be viewed confronting the BJP MP and reminding her that people have chosen her and she should not trouble them.

Because the arguments get tempo, Pragya is listened to saying,” I said it at the beginning itself — show me your rulebook– Basically If I don’t feel comfortable, I will go.” Replying to her a guy says,” You are people’s representative. Your job is not to trouble us. You should come by the next flight.”

Observe- Traveler- “Aap Janta ke pratinidhi hai na, aapka kaam humein pareshan karna nahi hai”Pragya: “Mera proper First class hai”This is exactly what happened when BJP MP Pragya Thakur declined to alter chairs (depending on air travel basic safety regulations)   triggered a 45 minute delay

Thakur then argues why should she be going if you have no initially-class and services, only to get a retort from him that ‘first class is not her right’. The man shows her that You should have moral compass that even though a single person is to get troubled because of her, she should very own up as the best choice. “You happen to be not embarrassed which you have organised 50 people at ransom.”

Pragya went on to grumble about the words utilized, she replied, “I am using absolutely correct vocabulary.” The BJP MP has additional sent in a criticism with all the Bhopal Airport Director alleging that she was not allotted a chair in a Spicejet airline flight and also the perform of airline crew was not satisfactory.

At the same time, media records advise that the passengers slammed Pragya as she triggered a delay by 45 moments.

Within a statement, the airline stated, “SpiceJet got the privilege to have Pragya Thakur on board SpiceJet air travel SG 2498 (Delhi-Bhopal) on December 21. She experienced pre-arranged chair 1A and had arrived at the international airport in their very own wheelchair. The Delhi-Bhopal flight is controlled by Bombardier Q400 airplane (78 seats). About this airplane, the initial row is the emergency row seat and is also not allotted to passengers on wheelchairs.”

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