YouTube releases non-persistent prepaid plans for Premium membership in India


The company has come out with plans that are available on a monthly basis and a three-month basis for customers across the country.YouTube is heating up the competition in India’s streaming market. YouTube has now announced that YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium will now be available at Rs 139 and Rs 109, respectively. This will be a prepaid version for both YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. The unique thing about prepaid plans is the fact that they are non-recurring unlike the subscription plans offered by YouTube. The company has come out with plans that are available on a monthly and a three-monthly basis for customers across the country.


Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone: Best 2GB data plans with unlimited calls and other benefitsPrepaid plans for YouTube Premium cost Rs 139 for a month while the three-month plan will cost Rs 399. Whereas YouTube Music Premium will be available for Rs 109 for a month and Rs 309 for three months. The subscription plans offered by YouTube Music Premium allows customers to get ad-free music for Rs 99 which is Rs 10 less than its prepaid plan. YouTube Premium’s subscription plan will be available for Rs 129 which is also Rs 10 cheaper than the prepaid plan.


The added benefit with the subscription plan is that customers will be able to get a one-month free subscription with YouTube Premium as well as YouTube Music Premium.However, it is important to note that the prepaid plans are only available for Android users and through the company’s web service. iOS users will not be able to benefit from the prepaid plans and will still have to rely on the recurring plans to enjoy an ad-free experience on Apple products.Earlier in the year, YouTube Premium had launched a plan for students. YouTube Premium for students was available for Rs 79 and YouTube Music Premium was for Rs 59. YouTube had also come up with a free three-month free trial version for students recently.G

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